OMS Gem Show Dealers


    The Dealer Chairman is Wayne Mills


  Inside Dealer space will consist of 8 foot tables, skirted top and front.  Cost for a space is $10.00 per foot with 24 feet considered to be a Standard Dealer space.  Inside Dealer space assignment and table arrangement shall be determined by the Show Committee.  No subleasing of dealer space is permitted.  Substitution of Dealers will not be allowed unless approved by the Show Committee.  One half of the total amount due shall be submitted with the signed contract.  The balance remaining shall be remitted to Dealer Chairman no later than the opening of the Gem Show.

  Outside tailgate full-sized spaces will consist of 30' by 20' rectangular areas situated on asphalt as assignments are allocated and will allow for parking of either a trailer or motor home within the space. Additional smaller areas (12 total) of 10' x 25' are available for a cost of $75.00 for the weekend show. No tents are allowed by the School District however Pop-ups/Canopy's are allowed. Cost for a full-sized tailgate space shall be $150.00 for 3 days occupancy of the space. Outside Space assignments shall be determined by the Show Committee and are DRY CAMP only.  Local rest rooms will be available 24 hours per day during the show. Water is available at a faucet near the parking lot.


    Electric services not to exceed nine hundred KVA (800 watts) will be supplied to inside dealer spaces consisting of up to 5 tables (maximum of 8 lamps of 100watts each).  Six hundred (600) watts will be provided to supply standard dealer spaces (8 lamps of 75 watts each).  These limitations will be strictly enforced due to the electrical wiring at the Nipomo High School.  Three prong grounded cords shall be used for electrical devices.


    Dealers are responsible for compliance with all state and local laws and regulations required for the conducting of sales during the show.  Dealers will be responsible for any damage within the confines of their space.  All materials for decorative purposes must be treated with flame retardant or otherwise be flame proof.  At NO time may anyone nail, staple, tape or glue decorations to the ceiling, walls, painted surfaces or floors of the inside facility.


    Will be provided at all times during the entire show which includes setup and dismantling.  Neither the Show Committee of the Orcutt Mineral Society, nor any of the membership of the society, individually or collectively, assume any responsibility or liability for the safety of exhibits, dealers, or their employees from robbery, pilferage, damage by fire, storm, accidents or any other harm as may result from participation in the Show.  The OMS is covered by the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies umbrella insurance policy.


    Dealers who wish to insure against damage, loss or any other claim by the public, or injury to persons or property shall do so at their own expense.  Exhibitors and or dealers shall indemnify and hold harmless the Orcutt Mineral Society from any and all liabilities arising out of, or in connection with, the installation, operation, and removal of their exhibits and/or merchandise.


    Dealers may begin to setup after 1:00 PM, Thursday 1 August, 2019.  The Dealer's space must be setup and occupied by 10:00 AM Friday or the space may be forfeited.  Dismantling shall not begin before 4:00 PM on Sunday, 4 August, 2019.


    Contributions for the "Treasure Chest" raffle prizes are highly valued and appreciated.  Please submit any contributions to the hospitality desk (front of Olympic Hall) along with a business card or name to allow appropriate recognition during the drawing.


    Approved Inside Demonstrators may sell items, kits, material and equipment related to the demonstration activity PROVIDED State Tax authority rules are met.  Space is limited to 8 linear feet (table skirted).


    The Orcutt Mineral Society will provide RV dry camping for Thursday through Sunday night at no charge (Tents are not allowed by the School District).  Arrivals earlier than Thursday are not guaranteed a camping space.  We ask that you vacate the camping area prior to 8 AM on Monday, 5 August, 2019.  Local assistance for other camping locations, supplies, and RV repair service is linked here.  A complimentary dinner will be served to exhibitors, demonstrators, and 5ealers from 5:30 to 6:30 Thursday evening.

Your participation has made our show a very special event over the years and we thank you for your continued support!

Print out a copy of Outside 2019 Dealer Contract Click here
Print out a copy of the Outside Layout as 0f 8/1/2015 Click Here

Print out a copy of the 2019 Inside Dealer Contract (Must have Adobe Reader installed)


2019 Official Dealer list

Exhibitor Details
Camping Locations
Emergency Contacts
RV Repair and Supplies

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