OMS Abused Children Fund

A fund is established each year to be used for the purchase of new clothing for the abused children in the care of the County Social Services Department. Funds provide underwear, socks and general apparel for the children. Seldom does the donation of "undies" occur which makes our donation very useful. The clothing must be new and for children in the 2 to 8 year old category to be accepted. Donations should be to the Orcutt Mineral Society with the stipulation for the Abused Children Fund. Please contact Jan Ferguson, the Chairperson of the Abused Children Committee, for additional information.

NOTE: The donations for 2009 - 2014 consisted of 100 gift certificates in the amount of $5.00 each to the Santa Maria Department of Social Services. The donation for 2015 is $750.00.

For a copy of the "Thank you" letter Click Here!

Last Update: 12/17/15
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