The collection and lapidary treatment of and to stimulate interest in rocks and minerals. To gain knowledge of the methods and procedures for collecting, identification, classification, cutting, polishing and mounting of rocks and minerals for display. To promote good fellowship and proper ethics in the pursuit of the Lapidary arts.

Orcutt Mineral Society of Santa Maria Valley, Inc., P.O. Box 106, Santa Maria, CA 93456, is a public benefit, non-profit corporation founded in 1958.

Field trip Information for 21 August, 2021
For the up coming field trip we plan on meeting at CA166/US101 interchange at the south east corner pullout. Time is 9:00AM
We will travel east on CA166 to the junction of CA33 and turn south for about 22 miles to Lockwood Valley road. Turn east on that road to Forest Road 7n11 and turn right for about 1/4 mile. Park beside the big pine tree on the river bank (Do not cross the creek). Be aware that this is Forest land and access pass is required. It appears that the Reyes Creek Bar & Grill is closed.

Trail Master is Wes Lingerfelt

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